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436 SW 13th Ave. 

Portland OR 97205


Service Overview


Increase your length

If your hair is stuck at a length that is just too short Great Lengths can fulfill that dream today 

Great Lengths Hair Extensions are Long Lasting 

Our Extension Master Stylists use Great Lengths Hair Extensions because their patented keratin bonds are strong. With proper care your hair extensions will last up to 6 months or more. Nearly double the life of traditional bongs 

Our Process

We strive to achieve one goal and that is total customer satisfaction. So if your are new great lengths client your journey begins with a consultation. 

Once your consultation is complete your Great Lengths hair will be ordered and your bonding appointment will be Scheduled 

Product Lines

Keritan Bonding

GL Tapes






Proof: Before and After



Damage Free Bonding

Great Lengths bonds are made of keratin. The exact same stuff that is growing out of your scalp. What that means is when great lengths bonds to your natural hair there is no chemical reaction between your hair and great lengths bonds leaving your hair damage free. 

New color

Have you been wanting to try out a new color but your afraid to damage your hair or fear being stuck with a color that just